Michael H. Schaefer, DTM

One on One Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer

Leadership Training

The Connected Leader

For Organizations: The Leadership Program

How effective you are as a leader is largely a job of communication. The good news is leadership presence is a learnable set of skills. Great leaders lead by incorporating personal values in a connected and passionate way in their communication.

Focusing on the communication aspect of leadership, The Leadership Program helps companies develop their managers into more authentic and effective leaders. Special emphasis is placed on presentation skills, addressing large groups and team leadership dynamics. Group courses and dedicated individual coaching incorporate exercises to promote and develop:

  • Authentic delivery,
  • The ability to take charge of a group,
  • Skills to face opposition.
  • Audience connection expertise,
  • Core values in word and action,
  • Success-driven role models within your company
  • Methods to deliver bad news

Development also focuses on leadership physicality and repurposing the leader’s energy into more effective delivery of core messages.

For Individuals: The Leadership Fast Track Program:

A one on one approach to develop your leadership presence.

How do you take your career to the next level? Let’s assume that you’ve got all the training, put in the time and effort to demonstrate core competence and delivered results. Beyond that, other skills are required. Communication skills. The more you move up the corporate ladder, or the more your sales or success increases, the more communication challenges you’ll face. Like leading a team or effectively delegating tasks that you won’t have time to do yourself anymore.

You know how to do your job. Make sure you get credit for it. Develop a reputation as the go-to resource. You should be both the resource and the perceived resource. Don’t let substandard communication skills keep you from being known as that resource. We all know how it feels when someone else gets the credit for doing the job less effectively than ourselves.

Some of us have carried the belief that the work is all that matters, that politics is beneath us. Or we define politics as gossip and backstabbing. But the more we rise the more we’ll need to develop and find new productive relationships and networking opportunities. Effective team building and facilitation skills multiply our ability to produce over a go-it-alone philosophy.

Giving formal presentations as you rise in the organization can also carry psychological baggage that has nothing to do with your organization’s goals and overall success. Baggage like worrying about boring your audience, about whether they got the message at all or if you failed to generate consensus from your audience.

Some of your career path is beyond your control. The good news is, like your attitude towards the challenges that face you professionally, how and what you say is largely under your own control.

Aspects of the Leadership Program include:

  • Customized communication styles for the next level of your career
  • Resources to conquer any fears of public speaking
  • Action plans to achieve better communication results
  • Ways to connect to your inner communicator/alpha leader
  • Authentic leadership skills to face bigger challenges, with more confidence and inspire your team members.

Leadership Clients’ needs addressed include improving:

  • Creating ‘Presence’
  • How to command a room
  • Leading a Team
  • Phone or Video Conferencing
  • Incorporating/Integrating audience objections
  • Creating proactive feedback sessions

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