Michael H. Schaefer, DTM

One on One Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer

Keynote Speeches

Keynotes That Connect

Hire Michael as your next keynote speaker. Communicate for success, increase productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction and workforce retention.

Michael’s experience as a professional narrator, spokesperson and live event marketer means that a keynote address for you event or organization will be part of a coordinated effort, whether it’s the implementation of a complete communication strategy, a roll out of  a new policy, internal/external press releases, or the development of a new training module.

The highest degree of success is ensured through the client consultation, preparation and customization process and measurement/assessment template  post-event.

Keynote Speeches help address your organization’s needs:

  • Creating excellence in a customer service culture
  • Empowering staffs to become effective ‘communication stars’
  • Designing training modules and assessment protocols for new in-house programs
  • Meeting facilitation techniques
  • Developing skills for measuring communication impact, both content and delivery.
  • Inspirational/Motivational Occasions

Keynote Speeches

Category: Communication Excellence in Business

Title/Synopsis: “‘Aagh! What do you mean, my flight left two hours ago?’ Don’t miss the connection in your business communication.” Nobody wants to end up in Tulsa if you’re supposed to be in Kansas City. This forty-five minute keynote address focuses on the crucial importance of making the connection in your business communication, whether it’s speeches, follow up, verification, project management, motivation, inspiration, delivering bad news or performance reviews. The speech is perfect for your organization’s communication outflow, whether it’s delivering client presentations, speeches, improving team dynamics or running more effective meetings. Get where you want to go with the right message, delivered in the right way. Laugh while you learn the 6 high altitude principals of first class business communication.

Category: Customer Service Essentials (How extraordinary customer service affects your bottom line.)

Title/Synopsis: ‘Aaah! White Water adventures on the customer service rapids.’ A forty-five minute keynote address on excellence in customer service. A high energy, entertaining and humorous look at the challenges facing your customer service personnel. Recounting his experience with a professional river rafting tour company, Michael injects humor and uses vivid storytelling about a dangerous white water trip to drive home the vital importance of first class customer service.

Category: The Deeper Communication Connection in Business and Life:

Title/Synopsis: “Aarf! Sit Stay Love: What my dog taught me about career development, networking and finding the love of my life.” The core of all spoken communication requires a person-to-person connection, even speeches before large audiences. This funny and soulful 45 minute keynote address deals with the decision to be brave enough to speak from the heart. Business leaders who inspire us do it, successful relationships require it. Michael takes an amusing look at his relationship with his dog Sylvia to highlight the 7 fundamental components of value-driven communication. Whether you want to speak to inspire, persuade with animal magnetism, or howl with your audience, (not at them,) this memorable keynote will inspire you to have more authentic and compelling communication.

For booking information email Michael@michaelhschaefer.com. Keynote packages include consultation, customizable templates that support your company’s strategic goals, e-learning resources, original articles, a speaking tips newsletter and assessment tools.