Michael H. Schaefer, DTM

One on One Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer


The Connected Speaker

Is public speaking your private nightmare?
Not ready for you next big presentation?

Hire Michael for one on one coaching to master effective strategies for content, delivery, or nerves.

Each person has the potential to become an exponentially better communicator. Your purpose and dignity are affirmed in a supportive yet comprehensive approach to your improvement as a public speaker.

Are you coachable? The desire to change is the first step. Understanding people’s individual styles and challenges is the coach’s job, discovering one’s own strengths is the common journey for all would-be super communicators.

Awareness is the first step. Video consultation combined with Michael’s professional experience can create the right conditions for mental light bulbs to go off so you feel like you’re being followed by paparazzi.

Decisions, decisions. Just decide. First steps are the hardest. That’s because of all the consideration that goes into taking the first step, the next steps in the process seem so encouraging that you’ll ask yourself ‘this is so simple, why didn’t I do this sooner?’

Assessment. Systematic analysis of your challenges as a speaker is one of the benefits of Michael’s expertise.It makes the working relationship efficient, clear and deeply empathetic.


Your challenges are your challenges. Your own customized program will be unique to you and no one else. From your vocal volume to how to make a joke funnier to inciting your listeners to take a particular action, Michael can create a program with you that incorporates your value system and comfort level. You want to use PowerPoint? Great. You want to try something new? Great, dive in.

Michael takes a holistic, system-wide approach to communications, from looking at the strength and effectiveness of a company or individual’s message to the preparation for the moment of delivery to analysis of the actual event. He can help you to develop your own authentic, integrated communication style (instead of a cookie-cutter approach.) He’ll consult with you on humor, anxiety markers, personal brand presence, and any incongruence that may have crept into your speaking style.

Coaching Clients’ needs addressed include improving:

  • Sales Pitches
  • Fundraising Pitches
  • Client Presentations
  • Formal Speeches
  • Humorous or Special Occasion Speeches
  • Mastering the 60 Second Elevator Speech
  • “Speaking American” Culture and Style Essentials in Communication
  • Motivating Your Audience through Emotion

For more information email: Michael@MichaelHSchaefer.com