Michael H. Schaefer, DTM

One on One Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer


Michael is one of the most gifted and inspiring speakers and presentation coaches I have had the privilege to work with. … [H]is characteristic power, style, grace, warmth, and humor [are] hallmarks of a GREAT speaker as well as a great coach. He provide[s] leadership and inspiration to many already successful and aspiring speakers… Anyone who has a chance to work with him, and who diligently uses his guidance, will be amply rewarded.”

Bill Greenbaum
Systems Engineer

…I do not know of anyone who can provide more honest and constructive feedback compared with him. He is definitely someone who can coach speakers from various levels (novice to advanced) and help them get to the next level. Apart from his professionalism he is a very warm and friendly person who is ready to go out of his way in providing value to his friends and clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Rohit Anand
eSphere Solutions, Inc

Michael brings a warmth and confidence that he not only demonstrates in his speaking, but also shares with his audience and colleagues. He is an incredibly well versed and talented speaker. …Michael’s advice has been thought provoking and certainly boosted my skills as a speaker.”

Katie Levey
Business Development, Communications Writer

Michael has excellent coaching skills for public speaking and himself an outstanding speaker for both impromptu and prepared speeches. His high standard and meticulous preparation brings his training presentations alive and effective. Michael is an accomplished performer and amazing professional speaker coach.”

Dr. Mukhles Rahman, DTM

…I have seen and heard some excellent speech evaluators and coaches. Michael Schaefer is simply the best, with no close second. Michael is highly perceptive without being picky. He is also a superb presenter. Watching him is always a delightful learning exprerience.”

Cam Pardo
Managing Partner
Pardo & Mezzina LLP

Michael is the most insightful coach I’ve ever had the privilege to watch in action. He manages to pinpoint ways in which the client can improve while keeping a focus on the positive. The most minute detail gets noticed and evaluated. He gives feedback on both the big picture and little picture aspects of a client’s speech… I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Penelope Boehm
District Governor
District 46, Toastmasters International

Michael Schaefer is not only a brilliant speaker with an infectious energy, but a ridiculously gifted writer and coach. I have relied on Michael’s expertise numerous times over the past couple of years- from writing to editing to coaching my own seminars. My book wouldn’t be flying off the shelves if it weren’t for Michael! We all need an outside eye in presenting ourselves or our product to the world – Michael is the best you’ll find.”

Jodie Bentley
Entrepreneur and co-founder
The Savvy Actor

Michael Schaefer is as good a speaking coach as he is a speaker: calm, confident and caring. I have learned a lot from him and he continues to set the bar as an active speaker.”

Delia M. Marshall
Senior Portfolio Manager
BNY Mellon Wealth Management